Storm Stopper Roofing


Storm Stopper Roofing is your local Mooresville, NC Roofing Repair Company. We are here to serve the piedmont North Carolina residents and to help them maintain their roof system and maintain the value of your home.

Reliable and reasonableness is our commitment. We offer free inspections for the roofs that might have been affected by local storm damage! Our local HAAG Engineering Certified roof inspectors offer professional before and after sale roof inspections to the realtors and homeowners in the piedmont of North Carolina. Our Inspections include a written report and photo report, as well as the estimated repair or replacement solutions that are available and within the budget.

imagesWhen We Inspect A Roof, We Look For Three Things:

Hail Damage: Impact from Hail will remove the granules from your shingles. This exposes the asphalt to the piedmonts constantly changing weather conditions. This will trigger the shingles to rapidly age which in turn can allow water intrusion that leads to interior damage..

Wind Damage: Your homes Shingles can be broken or removed by wind damage in our area. Once a shingle is broken or damaged, all that remains as a barrier is felt underlayment paper. Felt Paper will breakdown and allow water to intrude into your roof underlayment and into the home. Wind storms have been documented in the Lake Norman area over 60 MPH.

Water Intrusion Points: These areas on your roof make it more susceptible to leaks. These include pipe boots normally around your plumbing system piping, flashing and other opens in the roof surface.

What does this mean to you and your home?:

Without an inspection these water leaks can turn into costly repairs that are beyond the replacement of the roof. Water intrusion and leaks continue to cause damage to the ceilings and walls of your home. Let us check your roof for any cause of concern and prevent unnecessary repairs to your home.

If you are worried or suspect there may be damage or any problem with your roof, please Storm Stopper Roofing today for a free roof inspection by our HAAG Certified Inspectors. We look forward to helping you maintain your roof system in top shape. (704)881-1234